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The cinema "Burg Kino" shows “The Third Man” regularly but we booked a special Hash show for you. What is the film about? Long story cut short: Holly Martins, an American Western novel writer arrives in Vienna because of an invitation of his old friend Harry Lime (young Orson Welles). Harry had some business going on in Post-War-Vienna and Holly could earn some money helping his friend. Holly gets in the middle of a spy and black market story, meets British, American, French, Russian military in the divided city. He falls in love with Harry’s girl friend and Harry is already dead. Or not?


In the end there is unreturned love, treason and a pursuit leads the police and the suspect in to the sewer system. Famous filming sceneries. Orson Welles was quite a diva, so the filming team had to be creative with shadows and substitutes. A lot of the film was filmed in partly destroyed Vienna, what a special and morbid set! The film music by Anton Karas a Viennese zither player became world famous. 






  • LOCATION |  "Burg Kino", Opernring 19, 1010 Wien

    DATE | July the 5th
    TIME | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


    Entry starting at: 09:45 am at cinema "Burg Kino"

    Meet your guide for Third Man Tour at: 12 pm in front of the cinema

  • Special cinema ticket